Relocation and Change Management Services

Relocation and Change Management Services

Businesses are always on the move, from large site-to-site relocations to everyday internal moves of people and furniture. We can help you manage churn efficiently, no matter where it happens.

Our web-based asset and inventory management system connects our warehouses and client inventories across the country. It manages the level of assets needed for normal churn so changes and reconfigurations can be made efficiently. And we always keep our clients posted by generating detailed monthly move reports to help manage information and identify opportunities for improvement.

With fewer people doing more work in most organizations, the pressure to get things done faster smarter, and more efficiently has never been greater. Customer’s now expect supplier partners to provide eCommerce tools that help streamline the furniture procurement process, and most importantly, reduce costs.
Herman Miller provides an eCommerce website called OrderPlace. Our eCommerce website provides 24/7 online access to our customer’s pre-negotiated pricing. This will include product descriptions, finishes, and preferences regarding design, delivery, and installation services. From project conception to procurement, Herman Miller’s eCommerce website helps ensure accuracy, economy, and efficiency.

How Customers Benefit

  • Simplify Furniture Ordering: OrderPlace streamlines the ordering process, saving time every step of the way, from pricing jobs to getting them approved.
  • Improve Order Accuracy: Automated purchasing reduces the potential for errors by digitally linking customers to their dealer and to Herman Miller.
  • Convenience When Ordering: With OrderPlace, customers can submit orders online, which means they can place them on their schedule, whenever they want.
  • Enhance Organizational Procurement: Customers can use OrderPlace on its own or tie it to a broader e-procurement system, including Ariba/SAP, Oracle, Jaggaer, and more.
  • Capabilities: Electronic quoting, request order status, visualization tools, and catalog search.
  • Responsive Design: Access the website from their laptop, tablet, or mobile device.