Patient Rooms

By creating pleasant, calming patient rooms that focus on people’s comfort and your staff’s efficiency, you can help your patients heal and improve their satisfaction.

Bring Family into the Fold

When patients visit and interact with their families as they heal, they’re able to recover more quickly and completely. Create comfortable settings near hospital beds where families can visit, connect to power and use tech, and add personal touches that make the patient feel valued and cared for.

Help Caregivers Find Their Flow

To improve patient care and provide consistent, positive outcomes, nurses, physicians, and staff are always looking for ways to streamline their processes in patient rooms. At the same time, they need intuitive, supportive environments that strengthen their wellbeing during stressful, fast-paced work. Use human-centered design to incorporate smart casework systems and purposeful technology that make caregivers’ jobs easier and reduce their fatigue.

Prioritize the Patient Above All Else

With the continued focus on value-based and patient-centered models of care, improving patient experiences is imperative for organizations. Make the patient the most important person in the room by including tools that encourage caregiver efficiency, plenty of comfortable space for family, and access to technology that takes a backseat to people.