Delivery and Installation Services

Delivery and Installation Services

As part of Herman Miller's Certified Dealer Network, we understand how critical proper delivery and installation are to your schedules, people, and work activities.

Whether it’s a small reconfiguration or a major project, our in-house team of factory trained installation professionals will take care of all the details delivering a quality installation – on time and on budget. Redefined installation processes have helped reduce waste, installation time and improve quality.

We ensure that all product is delivered according to schedules and coordinated with the site manager and tradespeople. We provide supervision, equipment, and all the necessary permits to proceed quickly and safely. And we verify the product against the delivery ticket with a commitment to clean, repair, or replace damaged product.

Our installation services don’t just start when product is delivered. We plan the installation, prepare the site, and disassemble and remove any existing furniture. If desired, we’ll move existing furniture and reinstall it in a new location.

Our installers are also Herman Miller Certified—meaning they complete a series of training programs and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of installation practices. Because of the work Herman Miller has done with the Toyota Production System team over the last 18 years, they know the value of streamlining a process. Identifying and eliminating waste in the project installation process are essential to a successful outcome, which is why Intereum has adopted the Herman Miller Performance System (HMPS). This system integrates lean practices throughout all systems and processes for a more orderly and timely experience. A key component of HMPS is the Last Mile. This is the process of bringing discipline and quality to order entry, design, delivery, and installation, and because of the Last Mile, our delivery service is unparalleled in the industry. HMPS allows Herman Miller and dealer partners to collaborate in order to be efficient and synchronize everything with our control:

  • Pre-planning, order entry, scheduling and sequencing of the order.
  • Connection with the supply base to deliver to that order.
  • JIT manufacturing synchronization.
  • Scheduling and sequencing of trucks for delivery.
  • Delivery from Herman Miller manufacturing site straight to the client site.
  • Unloading, detrashing, staging, and installing, and,
  • Completing the punch list.

Once installed, we check the product carefully to make sure it’s level, aligned, and working properly. Then we clean and polish it as instructed by the manufacturer. Even after installation is complete, our service isn't. We also train people to use the product, follow up to assure product and performance satisfaction, and make any necessary changes.