Track and Reuse Assets Easily

With Intereum's Asset and Inventory Management Program, we precisely inventory items and analyze them to eliminate obsolete inventory and reduce storage costs. 

You have a significant investment in your assets and inventory, so when your product is stored, it needs protection and management. We can help you with receiving and inspection services—and all your storage needs. With Asset and Inventory Management (AIM), we give you the tools to avoid unnecessary purchases by viewing assets at single or multiple locations, reserving assets and holding inventory, creating standard or historical reports, and controlling inventory.

Program Attributes
The AIM software inventory usage and capabilities include:

  • Access information 24/7
  • Multiple levels of security access
  • Designed for multiple users, warehouse locations, and customer inventories
  • SIF capable for inventory transactions
  • Product reservation system
  • Automatic update of pulled inventory
  • National customer availability
  • Robust search features
  • Standard reports with detailed information
  • Fully customizable report options
  • Reservation and history reports
  • Optional pictures of inventory standards