Marvin Windows & Doors

“We were wanting to work differently.”

As a growing organization, Marvin Windows and Doors recognized the value of change and the positive impact it can have on an organization. To purposefully renovate the traditional Eagan, Minnesota office space, the design process needed to focus on highlighting their family of brands and creating a space that’s receptive to employee needs. Through their discovery, Marvin connected with the Herman Miller aesthetic, story, culture and values.

Specific to this project, Marvin desired a workspace which would function as both an office space as well as a walking showroom for potential clients. A partnership with the Intereum team formed after visiting our showroom and experiencing firsthand the integration of furniture, audio visual solutions, and engaging design concepts.

Collaborating with the A+D firm, Shea, Intereum was able to provide unique and innovative product solutions throughout the design process. Intereum helped renovate the Eagan office space by delivering solutions that aligned with their vision, budget, and overall space strategy. Now the Marvin Windows and Doors office balances the needs of employees, entertains clients, and transforms the way they work.