Winner of a Best of NeoCon Award, ALUR represents the next generation of movable walls, combining storefront glass with modular dividing walls.

ALUR glass walls transform what was once hidden into an inspiration of form and function. Natural light cascades through the clear glass walls. Architectural details are accentuated. Mechanical components are beautifully concealed. Finally, a wall system that is truly alluring.

ALUR is designed to conform to a variety of building conditions and more importantly adapt to changes and variables that may arise. ALUR framing is oversized and cut to fit on job site. The glass and solid tiles are then ordered based on the final opening size. This innovative design allows ALUR to better adapt to uneven floors, walls and even ceilings. In addition, this eliminates the need for contentious hold-to dimensions and the added expense of floating the floor.

ALUR Glass Wall is fabricated with ½" thick tempered glass for superior rigidity and sound attenuation. Glass edges are flat polished and chamfered to a precise angle forming a virtually seamless fit when combined with the dry joint.

Combined with the discreet glass-to-glass joints and no vertical posts, the ALUR Glass Wall low profile channels create the stunning impression of a vast expanse of unsupported glass. This movable wall system with minimal framing also creates a more streamlined and elegant appearance compared to other bulkier unitized wall systems. The aluminum is bead blasted to prevent fingerprints and for a scratch-resistant finish.