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An exclusive offer from our partner, Polycom

Intereum is your resource for connecting people. Our technology solutions help create huddle rooms, collaboration spaces, and easy "plug and play" connections. The ease of operation allows you to quickly and efficiently conduct a meeting, presentation, call, or video conferencing. 

Because of our relationship with Polycom, we are able to offer an exclusive promotion that features the RealPresence Centro. Serving as a collaboration and content sharing hub, the RealPresence Centro draws people together in a powerful way, giving everyone quality connections regardless of where they are located. Combining video, audio, content, and convenience, RealPresence Centro is a robust solutions for work groups, classrooms, and teams that value innovative and unique solutions.

Our relationship with Polycom allows us to leverage this unique one time promotion.

Features of the RealPresence Centro:

  • Microsoft Outlook integration allows collaboration to start with a single touch of the invite prompt
  • Intelligent 360 degree camera captures everyone in the room
  • Instinctive touch interface can be used by even the most infrequent users
  • Polycom NoiseBlock technology removes noise interruptions
  • Equal access to everyone to share, annotate, and save content
  • Polycom Pano allows users to connect and share content from devices
  • Always on and ready - 4X USB ports for BYO device charging

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