Our team delivers the most reliable audio visual solutions in the business.

Audio visual solutions have become integral to virtually every function of modern work life. When technology systems fail to perform, business is disrupted and users are dissatisfied. That’s why the Intereum Audio Visual team delivers the most reliable audio visual solutions in the business.

At Intereum, we make it our mission to combine the highest quality manufacturers, latest products, and devoted employees to deliver a complete package of audio visual technology and industry experience. Our integrated approach coupled with proven components and trusted design allows us to offer a single resource for all of your needs, in any working, learning, or healing environment.

Our furnishings background provides us with a deep understanding of how people need their working, learning, and healing spaces to perform. With the same care and attention that we use within our own working environment, we make sure that there's a purposeful approach to what and where technology is integrated in your space. Simple, end to end design from top of the line manufacturers ensures complete and correct function for well designed environments to let you perform your best.

Adapt to the modern, mobile workplace and connect with employees or clients around the world with easy-to-use video conferencing equipment. Change the light, climate, audio, or shade in a room to morph into the perfect space for a meeting, training session, or presentation space with a touch of a button and our transformative room scheduling tools. The possibilities are endless, and with Intereum we’ll be with you every step of the way. Your piece of mind is our promise, and our skilled, experienced employees will offer support throughout the consulting, installation, service, and training phases of a project. When it has to work, partner with Intereum and let us apply our consultative approach and technological expertise to take your environment from ordinary to extraordinary.

electronic room scheduling device and conference room sign  on wood wall

Room Scheduling

Our advanced room scheduling solutions not only create optimal environments, but also reduce energy consumption and costs at the same time. We employ audio, climate, lighting and shade control to program any space to transform into the perfect atmosphere. Program a space to incorporate the perfect temperature, lighting or atmosphere for a wide variety of functions. Schedule a room to adjust the thermostat or automatically turn on lights and technology in preparation for a meeting, followed by saving mode when the room is no longer in use. Monitor, manage, and control all technology using Crestron’s Fusion software directly from a touch panel or exchange server, and watch energy costs and consumption decline.

computer monitor with image of woman in green for video conference and various electronic devices for call

Video Conferencing

Intereum's Audio Visual team provides the quality tools necessary for an easy-to-use HD video conference, free from worry and stress. The latest technological innovations are all available to connect you with employees, clients, or customers, whether they’re across the globe or in the room next door. In today's work environment, people are migrant, and with that, environments are adapting to incorporate mobile solutions that inspire connections without boundaries. We can create a room for dual purpose conferencing, providing a solution for standard HD video conferencing, and also integrate the same camera into popular web based conferencing such as Skype for Businesses, GoToMeeting and WebEx. Intereum delivers flexible, group solutions in a straightforward, integrated package of design and technology, with the kind of unwavering support that ensures you can focus on an important presentation while we take care of the rest. Peace of mind is our promise, and with our revolutionary video conferencing solutions, stress will be a thing of the past.

conference room with wall of windows and long black table with white and black office chairs and screen with presentation, conference call devices on table

Conference / Meeting Rooms

Create high impact, state of the art environments that will enhance brainstorming, discussion and communication. The Intereum Audio Visual Team installs interactive boards, video and audio conferencing equipment, digital displays, and wireless connections that are proven to be effective, durable, and easy-to-use. Rest assured that Intereum has your back every step of the way, providing constant support at any point during our journey to provide the optimal new conference room or meeting space.

red wall with digital sign featuring purple background and text, bench with colorful pillows in yellow, blue, red, green

Digital Signage

Communicate any message with eye catching, engaging visuals that will leave your audience interested, informed, and eager to learn more. Digital signage allows people to communicate, learn and collaborate through visual messaging and information tools with video walls, menu boards, and virtual displays from leading manufacturers. Our team provides design consultation, installation, and follow up service and training to ensure your greatest satisfaction and success in any working, learning, or healing environment.


With years of technological experience paired with industry expertise, collaboration is practically our middle name. We help create the most welcoming, innovative spaces by integrating design and technology, which ensures not only an improved experience for the customer, but for the employee as well. It is important that technology is incorporated early in the design process. Our approach to collaborative spaces means we set up the AV to automatically turn on or off, based on when you plug in your laptop or tablet. With the elimination of remote controls, our approach ensures a worry-free, adaptable and progressive work environment.

small glass conference room with high table and flexible black office chairs, two men and one woman sitting, TV with presentation on wall, storage cabinets

Acoustical Control

We’ll deliver the latest products made by top manufacturers like Crestron, Samsung, and Cambridge to ensure your environment supports your work, employees, and mission in the best way possible. Choose from innovative yet easy-to-use microphone systems, voice workstations, XM Radio, JBL Audio, Polycom audio conferencing, and Cambridge Sound Masking to elevate your environment into a space that utilizes acoustical control correctly.