When you partner with our Audio Visual team, you're partnering with a promise.

With Intereum, our products are only the beginning. Our dedication to service is the reason our clients can rely on dependable and successful results and unwavering support. We confidently believe in the design, installation and performance of our solutions and services, and that’s why we offer a 1 year all-inclusive labor contract. Anything you need, it’s on us.

When you partner with our Audio Visual team, you’re partnering with a promise. Our group of loyal, knowledgeable and experienced individuals provides a single proven resource for all your needs, every step of the way. We’ll provide dependable expertise throughout the application consulting, programming, and installation phases of a project, and ensure its success and your peace of mind with training, service, and maintenance following its completion. Integrated room planning, system design and service and maintenance are just the beginning of the resources Intereum offers to ensure a worry-free, integrated and professional journey to take any working, learning, or healing environment from ordinary to extraordinary.

System Design

Designing a system that encourages collaboration and incorporates the latest audio visual solutions for an optimal work environment is the what our audio visual team does exceptionally well, and we achieve it through our consultative approach, relationships with top manufacturers, and support of many knowledgeable and hard-working service teams. Our sales, engineering, project management, installation and programming service teams help to deliver integrated and innovative system designs that inspire an optimal space for your work environment.

Integrated Room Planning

Because of our technical expertise coupled with industry experience, we at Intereum believe the merging of design and technology is a crucial and influential part of any design process. That’s why we offer integrated room planning that ensures an optimal working, healing or learning environment. Many other companies offer either design or audio visual solutions. With Intereum, we uniquely provide both the technological expertise and industry experience in a complete package, right from the start. Because we understand that audio visual solutions work best when they’re involved in the design process, we are dedicated to integrated room planning that will foster an innovated, collaborative, and productive environment. When you partner with Intereum, you’ll enjoy a single proven resource that will incorporate every aspect, including audio visual solutions, into the planning of a high functioning and easy-to-use space.

Service & Maintenance

We are dedicated to ensuring the ideal experience for our customers and that's why we include a 1 year all-inclusive labor contract. Between our relationships with top manufacturers, programming and design knowledge, promise of constant support through end-user training and orientation, you can rely on Intereum.