The environment is a cause every corporation should put high on its agenda.

“Herman Miller will be a good corporate neighbor by being a good steward of the environment.”

—D.J. De Pree, founder, Herman Miller, Inc., 1953

Herman Miller’s interest in the environment began with the strong convictions of its founder, D.J. De Pree, who believed that corporations, like people, should see themselves as stewards. This commitment to the environment has taken shape through almost 50 years of programs, initiatives, and the many contributions of individuals and teams. During that time, concern for the environment has become part of Herman Miller corporate life, from architecture to product design to operations.

In 2004, Herman Miller put into place a set of environmental goals that included a zero operational footprint. In the decade since, the company has sharpened its goals around the smart use of resources, eco-inspired design, and becoming community-driven. Its new 10-year sustainability strategy—Earthright—begins with three principles: positive transparency, products as living things, and becoming greener together.

At Intereum we are committed to reducing waste and materials that are sent to our landfills. Our installers and warehouse personnel are trained to identify and separate out recyclable products. Since 2010, Intereum has worked with Herman Miller’s initiative to dramatically reduce packaging materials from products. This initiative has reduced the amount of packaging by 43% and reduced labor required to de-trash these items by 24%. During this span of time, Intereum has also been dedicated to repurposing any items that still have sustainable use in them. Items are donated to local non-profit organizations that use these products to help those in need.