Creating successful workplace environments isn’t just a theory for us.

By implementing our own inspirational workplace, Intereum has created an award-winning culture that serves us, and you, exceptionally well. Creating what's next takes talent and experience. That's why our leadership works closely with more than 175 skilled and savvy team members.

  • Bret Abbott

    Bret Abbott CEO, Visionary LinkedIn

  • Jeff Erickson

    Jeff Erickson President, Integrator LinkedIn

  • Candace Nelson

    Candace Nelson Vice President Sales LinkedIn

  • Matt Quinn

    Matt Quinn Vice President Technology LinkedIn

  • John Podergois

    John Podergois Vice President Operations LinkedIn

  • Susan Stone

    Susan Stone Vice President, People and Culture

  • Lori Van Hulzen

    Lori Van Hulzen Sales Director LinkedIn

  • Kate Silbernick, PMP

    Kate Silbernick, PMP Sales Manager LinkedIn

  • Sarah Swanson

    Sarah Swanson A+D Representative LinkedIn